Northeast Scientific Receives 510K Clearance on Reprocessed RF Stylet


Northeast Scientific Receives 510K Clearance on Reprocessed RF Stylet

WATERBURY, Conn., March 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Northeast Scientific, Inc. (NES), known for its advanced medical device reprocessing capability, received another 510K clearance from the FDA on 27 March, this time for the RF Stylet manufactured by Covidien, a division of Medtronic.

This FDA clearance gives NES the green light to reprocess and market the stylet. The device, originally manufactured by VNUS, is used in vessel and tissue coagulation, including treatment of incompetent (i.e., refluxing) perforator and tributary veins.

“The proprietary systems we have built for the ClosureFast RF Ablation Catheter are just a natural fit for the RF Stylet,” said NES CEO, Craig Allmendinger.

NES has sold over 250,000 ClosureFast RF Ablation devices since 2012 with superior safety results.

“The Stylet will get the same rigorous treatment as ClosureFast,” Allmendinger said. “The market has come to love the efficiency of our reprocessing service and they will get the same with this device.”

Reprocessing under an FDA 510K allows doctors to use a single-use device several times and reduce their costs. The NES focus on reprocessing more complex and costly devices provides even greater savings for end-users. Some NES customers save over $100,000 annually with just the Reprocessed ClosureFast RF Ablation catheter alone.

Reprocessing also prolongs the useful life of millions of devices, reducing the tonnage that finds its way to landfills or to the incinerator each year.

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