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NEScientific was the first medical device reprocesser to receive an FDA 510(k) clearance on all of the products in our product portfolio. All future product developments will continue this trend, keeping NEScientific at the tip of the spear of the medical device reprocessing industry.

Our Quality System was designed to encompass the full range of product care, from selection of raw materials to shipping the final product. Our process of cleaning, packaging, and sterilizing medical devices is rigorously maintained to ensure the highest product reliability, from any of our technologically complex reprocessed products, to our own EsoSure Esophageal Stylet.


Product Portfolio


RF SMART® (ClosureFAST®)

Available in 3 sizes 7-60cm, 7-100cm and 3-60cm


RFS SMART® (RFS Perforator stylet)


IVUS SMART® (Philips Volcano® IVUS)

Available in 0.014 and 0.035 sizes

NES Reprocessed 0.9mm Turbo-Elite Laser Atherectomy Catheter

Accessory Products

Vein Kits

Speak with an Account Executive for a full list of Vein Kit contents

Micro Introducer Sheath

Available in two sizes 7fx7cm and 7fx11cm

Tumescence Tubing



EsoSure is patented nitinol stylet that is used to gently move the esophagus away from the heart during cardiac ablation treatment for atrial fibrillation.

For more information or to purchase, visit www.esosure.com or email esosure@epreward.com