Life Of A Catheter

Reprocessing single use medical devices is not a new part of the medical industry. Doctors and practices currently use reprocessed for a variety of procedures and regular needs. Reprocessing helps stop the waste that comes from single-use devices (or SUDs) and saves medical professionals and offices more money. From first clinical use, to reprocessing and inspection, a catheter has a long lifecycle. This lifecycle allows for catheters to undergo a highly rigorous system of cleaning, inspections and testing before being sold back to Doctors. See the full lifecycle of a NEScientific catheter below.

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The Process

After use, devices are packaged to send per NEScientific Handling Instructions and are now ready for FedEx® pick-up.

Once the package arrives at NEScientific, the devices begin the reprocessing process.

Every device goes through an FDA cleared decontamination and cleaning Devices are individually tested for functionality and inspected for quality.

Finally devices are sterilized and packaged and are ready to be shipped out.