Northeast Scientific celebrates medical device remanufacturing success


Northeast Scientific celebrates medical device remanufacturing success

Northeast Scientific celebrates medical device remanufacturing success with a major reinvestment to bring its marketing, sales and customer service in-house

WATERBURY, CT February 4, 2019 — Northeast Scientific, Inc. (NES), known for its advanced medical device remanufacturing successes for more than 13 years, continues its business growth and development by bringing its marketing, sales and customer service in-house.

NES announced on February 4th that it will begin closely managing all customer interaction for the delivery of its remanufactured VNUS ClosureFAST® Catheters, RF Stylets, remanufactured Philips Volcano® IVUS diagnostic catheters and other products to the medical market. Heretofore, Vascular Solutions, Inc. (owned by Teleflex, Inc.) had managed all sales and customer service in the U.S. for NES and helped introduce NES remanufactured devices to more than 500 medical practices, including vein centers and OBLs (Office-based labs) throughout the country.

As of February 4th, 2019 customers will now work directly with NES for purchasing, billing, and service.

“The success of our relationship with VSI/Teleflex has put NES in a strong financial position and allowed us to make this move,” said NES’ CEO Craig Allmendinger. “The market has developed as well and high-end device reprocessing like we provide has become a standard part of a physician’s practice.”

  • NES has sold over 310,000 remanufactured ClosureFAST® RF ablation devices since 2012 with superior safety results. The RF Ablation Stylet, introduced mid-2018, is experiencing the same results.
  • NES remanufacturing allows doctors to use a so-called ‘single-use device’ or SUD several times, with some practices saving well over $100,000 annually with just the remanufactured ClosureFAST® RF Ablation catheter alone.
  • Remanufacturing prolongs the useful life of millions of devices annually, reducing the tonnage of metal and plastic waste that finds its way to landfills or to the incinerator each year.

Northeast Scientific, Inc. (NES), in Waterbury, Connecticut, is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as both a reprocessor of single-use medical devices and as a manufacturer. Founded in 2005, NES received its first FDA clearance in 2007, has added new products to its reprocessing suite and is developing several additional remanufactured products for the vascular specialty. NES is ISO 13485: 2016 Certified.

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