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Our Facilities

NEScientific, Inc.’s 24,000 square foot remanufacturing facility was designed, engineered and built to efficiently reprocess technologically complex single-use medical devices.

Image: NEScientific Facilities

From the OR to NES, devices are professionally managed by our team returning them to 100 percent utility

Image: Surgery in hospital

We employ hands-on, labor-intensive cleaning techniques that ensure clean, residue-free remanufactured medical devices.

Image: FedEx pick up

Top of the line drying technology guarantees devices are ready for next remanufacturing step

Image: NES Facility

The NES 3000 SF ISO 7 clean room. One of three clean rooms in our facility.

Image: Inspection & Functional Testing

Multiple 3M 8XL 100% ETO sterilization systems on-site always deliver safe and sterile devices

Image: Packaging & Sterilization