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Discover the benefits of Smart Healthcare™ with reprocessed IVUS and atherectomy catheters from Northeast Scientific.

Are you throwing away a significant cost-saving opportunity?

It’s common practice to assume that IVUS and atherectomy catheters are a single-use device. However, reprocessing is a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective option. Our reprocessed catheters have undergone an extensive disinfecting and sanitizing process and are FDA 510(k) cleared. Physicians are saving up to 30% on their IVUS and atherectomy catheters by partnering with Northeast Scientific.

Strength in numbers

In a time when reduced reimbursements are impacting practices everywhere, Northeast Scientific presents a great opportunity to save considerable costs.

Consider a scenario where you purchase 25 IVUS units and 25 atherectomy units a month. By working with Northeast Scientific, you can save approximately $6,300 a month, which equates to more than $75,000 in total savings per year!

Catheter 1

Current purchasing from Original Equipment Manufacturer

Total monthly
IVUS needs


at $800 per device

Total monthly
Atherectomy needs


at $1,300 per device

Tax rate: 6.5%
Total cost per month: $55,912.50

Purchasing 1/3 of your device needs from Northeast Scientific

Pie chart

cost per device


Pie chart

NES Atherectomy
cost per device


New monthly purchasing costs

Calendar Visual

Total OEM Monthly Cost: $55,912.50
Total Combined NES & OEM Monthly Cost: $49, 420.50

Current Customer Savings Case Studies

* Pricing is based on purchasing volume *

Single-doctor practice saves $15,000 on IVUS & atherectomy devices over six months

Single-site Doctor ICON

Doctor originally bought 50 of each device from the OEM, now purchases 20 of each device from Northeast Scientific

Multi-site practice saves more than $100,000 in IVUS & atherectomy devices over six months

Multi-site Doctor ICON

Practice originally bought 120 of each device from the OEM, now purchases 45 of each device from Northeast Scientific

A snapshot of our program

Our model is simple: For every batch of clinically soiled OEM catheters that you send us, we expect to send up to 50% back to you. Why only 50%? Not all of the devices we receive make it through our extensive multi-step reprocessing. If more than 50% of the clinically soiled OEM devices are successfully reprocessed, those devices are also available for purchase.

NES Processing Visual-min

*The inability to reprocess clinically soiled catheters can be attributed in large part to the damage the devices incur while being shipped back to Northeast Scientific during the device return process. Customers can increase the number of successfully reprocessed devices that can be made available to them by following the device return instructions.

Unmatched commitment to quality

Each device is reprocessed through procedures and inspections cleared by the FDA 510(k) process, with all steps being controlled by our ISO 13485 certified Quality System.

All Northeast Scientific reprocessed devices undergo procedures cleared by the FDA through the 510(k) process.

Any reprocessed device purchased from Northeast Scientific has shown to be substantially equivalent to the original device in safety and efficacy.

Quality is Priority at Northeast Scientific

Northeast Scientific’s Quality Management System has been audited and certified to FDA CFR 820 and ISO 13485:2016 under MDSAP by Intertek.

Clipboard checkmark ICON

Defined requirements for a safe and effective Quality System, which governs all NES processes.

Maintenance ICON

Maintenance of a comprehensive design history file for each manufactured device, including requirements and controls for any design changes.

Plus file ICON

Measurement, analysis, and improvement for complaint handling, equipment, processing, and regulatory reporting.


A clear definition of specific skills and experience of quality management personnel, plus verification of ongoing training effectiveness.

Person checkmark ICON

Formal processes for obtaining and incorporating production and post-production feedback into risk management programs.

“As a materials manager for a very large medical practice with four cath labs and in multiple locations, I would say this is a no-brainer.”
—David Johnson
Materials Manager, Peripheral Vascular Associates

Increasing savings without forsaking loyalty

We support your relationships with your OEM and are careful to ensure that a relationship with Northeast Scientific doesn’t mean severing your relationship with these important and necessary partners.

You will always need to purchase a portion of your devices from the OEM because reprocessing can’t provide 100% of your monthly needs. It’s these devices that we reprocess which allows us to save you thousands of dollars each month.


How many times can an IVUS or atherectomy catheter be reprocessed?

Once. Currently Northeast Scientific only reprocesses IVUS or atherectomy catheters for one cycle.

Why do I only receive one-half of the catheters I send to Northeast Scientific?

Not all of the devices we receive make it through our extensive multi-step reprocessing cycle.

Should I send back catheters I purchased from Northeast Scientific or only new catheters from the OEM?

Please send back ALL post procedure catheters, OEM devices and those purchased from Northeast Scientific, using the prepaid labels and supplies Northeast Scientific provides.

What do I do If I have an issue with a catheter?

Save the catheter and send your clinical sales specialist an email detailing the issue and lot number and Northeast Scientific will send you a return number. You will be issued a credit or replacement after the device is received and inspected by our quality engineers.

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