What We Do

Ultra-clean manufacturing, relentless quality control, regulatory compliance.

Our Quality System was designed to encompass the full range of product care, from selection of raw materials, through shipping the final product. Our process of cleaning, packaging, and sterilizing medical devices is rigorously maintained to ensure the highest product reliability, from any of our technologically complex remanufactured products, to our own EsoSure Esophageal Stylet.

Step 1

Site of first use

Image: Surgery in hospital

After use in the OR, products are boxed and are now ready for FedEx® pick-up.

Step 2

NES Remanufacturing Facility

Image: FedEx pick up

Step 3

Decontamination & Cleaning

Image: NES Facility

Step 4

Inspection & Functional Testing

Image: Inspection & Functional Testing

Step 5

Packaging & Sterilization

Image: Packaging & Sterilization

Step 6

Shipping to Customers and Distributors

Image: Shipping to Customers and Distributors