Advanced Remanufacturing

Advanced Remanufacturing

We have developed several proprietary processes to ensure delivery of safe and effective remanufactured products. Our staff has been extensively trained, and are tested and retrained on a regular basis.

Our operations management style permits attractive pricing and yields quick turnaround and delivery of safe products that are 100% tested.

Technology & Knowledge

Over the last eight years we have implemented the use of technology that ensures safe and effective remanufacturing of high-value surgical instruments.

Image: Reprocessing at NEScientific

We are constantly striving for remanufacturing excellence and continue to meet our goals year in and year out. From receiving through inspection, testing, cleaning, packaging, sterilization and shipping to the customer, we employ the best known technologies in order to deliver the right product in the right time and at the right cost.

We draw from an extensive knowledge base that comes directly from the surgeon. Our board certified surgeons represent over 50 years combined experience in advanced surgery techniques and have inspired everything we do.

Image: Reprocessing at NEScientific Image: Reprocessing at NEScientific