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Our leadership team are experts in medicine, applied science, process engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, regulatory law and industrial engineering.

Craig D. Allmendinger, CEO of NEScientific
Craig D. Allmendinger
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Carl Rodia, President of NEScientific
Carl Rodia
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P.D. Allmendinger, MD, F.A.C.S, CMO of NEScientific
P.D. Allmendinger, MD, F.A.C.S
Chief Medical Officer
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Marsel Huribal, MD, CFO of NEScientific
Marsel Huribal, MD
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Scott Allmendinger, Vice President, Operations of NEScientific
Scott Allmendinger
Vice President, Operations
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Matthew Farley, Manager, Regulatory and Quality Engineering, Operations of NEScientific
Matthew Farley
Manager, Regulatory and Quality Engineering
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Trish Klobedanz, Director of Administration, Operations of NEScientific
Trish Klobedanz
Director of Administration
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Steve Ray, Director of Sales and Marketing of NEScientific
Steve Ray
Director of Sales and Marketing
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