About Us / A Letter from Our CEO

Dear Colleagues and Healthcare Providers,

It has now been over 14 years since Northeast Scientific started operations. Since then we have seen major changes in the remanufacturing industry. Today, hospital remanufacturing is dominated by two of our industry’s largest OEMs, while surgery center and non-invasive remanufacturing continues to be handled by a couple of small generalist companies. We now see a mature and stable market that is driven by necessity.

Northeast Scientific continues to differentiate itself from the mainstream by focusing on advanced, high-value surgical devices that are not being remanufactured by any other companies. Our commitment to delivering new technologies while finding new and innovative ways to improve savings has not changed. We still are a leader in the industry and will do what it takes to drive our industry toward more effective and safer ways to provide greater utilization and savings.

Going forward, we have a number of new and creative approaches that are nearly ready for implementation. By applying what we have learned, and by taking into account the concerns and recommendations of surgeons and administrators, we promise to deliver unprecedented savings and unmatched technology in the most critical and dynamic areas of healthcare. Today and into the future, Northeast Scientific is Smart Healthcare


Craig D. Allmendinger
Craig D. Allmendinger
Chief Executive Officer
Northeast Scientific, Inc.