Multiplying The Utility of
High-Value Surgical Instruments

Advanced Reprocessing

A science-based approach to the safe and effective reuse of medical devices

Our Process

Process engineering to optimize the economy and quality of reprocessing

Technology & Knowledge

Ultra-clean manufacturing environment inspired by our very own board-certified vascular surgeons

About Us

Providing high-quality healthcare is the leading front page topic in a changing world. Holistic, responsible stewardship of the environment and related social justice issues pertaining to delivering healthcare at reasonable, controllable costs are not far behind. At NES our business grows by addressing both these issues in a creative, no-nonsense, entrepreneurial manner.

We made a reputation for technological excellence and regulatory precision early in our company history. We created an entirely new and successful reprocessing model with a focus on technologically challenging surgical devices rather than the conventional high-volume devices found in the hospital OR. The emphasis at NES has been quality, not quantity. And that emphasis has allowed us to prosper and grow, building our reputation for innovation and excellence along the way.

A Letter From Our CEO

The entire landscape of a very young reprocessing industry has changed radically in less than 5 years. In that time frame this industry, fostered by entrepreneurial initiatives for waste reduction and a spirit of environmentalism, disappeared becoming a part of the healthcare industry OEM giants it sought to correct.

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